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One of “those weeks”

It’s been one of those weeks. They are unavoidable, and they have a way of bringing ones attitude into the dumps. The electricity has been off 75% of the time…causing the food to go bad, the water isn’t running, the temperatures are hovering at 35 Celsius every day…and the dust is flying, my rosacea is acting up and I look like a smallpox patient, I burned the food this morning and I ran out of milk for my tea! My self-pity levels are pretty high! hahaaa!!!

I did wallow in this funk for a little. “Suffering for Jesus” is supposed to look a little different, isn’t it? This all just makes me look like a whiner, not a martyr…and I want Jesus to see that I am sacrificing and living a life for Him. Obviously I can’t be useful in His kingdom when I am preoccupied with all these menial issues.

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