All around us right now there is a monster storm. It probably sounds worse than it is…after all, we have a tin roof with no ceiling and screens for windows! It is fantastic to listen to. Can’t talk to anyone, just have to absorb the noise. I don’t do well with storms. I have an unreasonable fear that something bad will happen. I grind my teeth and pray that it will end. Oh, me…of little faith!!! Didn’t Jesus sleep through the big storm? Matthew 8:23-27. Doesn’t He calm the storm? Yes, and He can do the same in other storms as well. Even now…He is in control. I am safe.

Sitting here makes me think of the storms we weather in our own life. Sometimes we can see them coming, but many times we can’t…they can creep in while we are sleeping and take us by surprise. It can be something major, like a death, job loss or an accident. It can be minor as well. A slight from a coworker or friend. Miscommunication with someone. Yet, they can surprise us with their intensity and consume us with noise! At times we can drown in the aftermath. It only takes 3 inches to drown. Not much.

How can we handle these storms? How can we prepare? For me it takes daily communication with Jesus. I need the peace from Him. Having this peace is the umbrella I need when the storm is small. It keeps me dry. When the storm is bigger He is my lifeboat. I hang on and cry. We toss and heave and almost drown at times, but He brings me through. Many times I can’t pray anymore…I just babble. He understands. He carries me to the shore. Knowing that He can bring me safely through is what gets me through the bigger storms. Sometimes my faith is just a thin string about to break…but it doesn’t. Thank God.

Then comes the rainbow…and His promise. Genesis 9:11-15. I love rainbows!!

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