Square Footage

Are you just as happy in 600 square feet as you are in 6000 square feet? Driving a old Chevy vs a new BMW? Can someone be happy with less with this constant bombardment of advertising, and the constant comparisons between friends, coworkers and families. It’s tiring and disheartening at times. If you’re successful, you can feel the daggers of envy in your back…if you’re not “successful”, you feel this pressure to accomplish something!!! It doesn’t matter if you hear people saying that “in Africa everyone lives in a mud hut with no water or power”…really? How does that help you in the rat race? It might make you feel guilty, but it doesn’t really make a difference.

If we attach our self worth to square footage then we will often fall short, and some will actually quit. There are many living a life, just existing, and not truly experiencing all the wonder that life can bring. The daily routine becomes just a way to gets through another day. One week drains into the next week, and years go by without any real happiness or joy. It isn’t depression, but it also isn’t what God intended for us to live. Striving for material possession has never brought anyone true happiness. If anything, it bogs down the spirit and makes us fearful as we try to protect our stuff. We lose focus.

We are to live a life full of purpose, fulfilling that what God has created us to do. I wrote about it in previous blogs…we have gifts and talents for a reason. Let’s take some time every day, even if it’s just five minutes, and examine our hearts. What is that we know we are to do? Or what is that that gives me peace? What can I do today that brings me closer to God’s purpose? What can I do today that takes me a little out of my routine and comfort zone? Can I even take a minute or two to make someone else smile? Or even even to give someone comfort?

It really only takes a few minutes each day…

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