Not long ago we were flying over Windsor Castle in London. It looks just Iike something out of a fairy tale!! We avidly read the magazines and newspapers to see what the royals are up to. The life of a princess is a fantasy that many grow up with. We read the Disney stories and the romance novels…hoping that someday our prince will come. What happens if he doesn’t? Or you think he does, and he ends up being the opposite of the prince, and doesn’t live up to your fantasies? We all want the fairy tale…at least some version!

Some of us live in a fantasy, and no other version will be good enough. We spend hours day dreaming of the man who will come in to sweep us off our feet, and pay no attention to the man who is chopping the wood outside. Once again he has forgotten an anniversary, but we don’t see that he is a fantastic father to the children…and he gets along with his mother-in-law!

Have you even noticed that the princess fantasy stories end at the wedding? The romance novels end at the first “I love you”? What goes on from there? How do the next decades look? We get so caught up in the whirlwind that we forget that it quite often sweeps things off their feet…straight into a tree! True love takes us past the first 2 years of “crazy”. That’s when we see what the truth is…and quite often the poor man in our life married no princess. She nags, blames, stomps, and throws her shoes at him…probably not what he signed up for either. Does that sound familiar?

I’m not saying that we can’t hope for the fairytale. I believe it is possible…just not in the version we think it should be. The reality is that life takes over and the dreams need to change. At times the adjustments are painful…but we can’t be afraid of confronting the truth. What is it that we expected? And if we don’t have it, what are we doing to work toward it? Some dreams need to change altogether, and there can be such hope in that too. As long as we don’t give up on dreaming.

Ultimately though, we are princesses. We are the children of the King. He can give us the new dream and hope that we long for. He is there to listen and guide us. Let’s not keep secrets from Him…after all, we can’t. We are loved, even when at times we don’t deserve it. Remember that, when you look at the “prince” you chose. We all live in grace…let’s extend it forward.

Perfection is just an illusion.

We are children of the king.

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