One and Only?

I am a huge fan of Costco and Sam’s Club! Buying in bulk! What a marvelous concept! If one of something is good, then ten of the same thing is fantastic! haha! Thinking in terms of “bulk” is quite common. If one shirt fits nicely, I will buy it in every color. Have to have spare for a rainy day, or if the stores run out of our favorite brand.

Do you think that God thinks in bulk? Does He look at us and say, “it is only successful if tens or hundreds get saved at once!” We love crusades and large events. Seeing hundreds go forward must make the angels sing. Right?

For some of us, being seen as an individual with worth is a concept that we can’t grasp. We come from a large family, or a large church body…and have been treated like a group. Our self-worth comes from being part of a crowd, and there is a longing inside us and we want to be seen as someone who is interesting, someone who matters.

I was reading the story of the lost sheep the other day. In Luke 15 there are 3 stories of how JUST ONE is found, and the rejoicing that comes with that. The angels sing from just the one that repents…verse 10.

Knowing that He thinks of us as individuals, and not in bulk, is a comfort. That means that He hears us when we pray. He rejoices when we praise. He feels our pain when we are suffering. This takes the idea of God being an abstract concept away. He sees us, each of us, individually. He wants the best for each of us…every day, and in every way.

Now, can you see yourself as He sees you…?

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