There are many days when I don’t like what I see in the mirror. I see a reflection of a tired and blotchy face…and does that make me smile? Not really. Many of us see a face that is judging all the flaws…and not the face that other people actually see. I look a lot angrier in the mirror. That’s probably why I don’t look in there very much anymore.

What I should be looking for is a reflection of Christ. His love and kindness. Does He see tired and blotchy, or does He see His perfect creation? Maybe it is a shadow of His creation some days…but it’s true that I have nothing to complain about. And most of the imperfection is see is in my imagination, and also self inflicted.

My body is His temple. Am I treating it with the reverence and respect it needs? Am I keeping it fed and watered, so that I have the energy to work in His kingdom? Most days it’s touch and go…I mistreat the gift that I have complete control over. The enemy can then use my fatigue to further his kingdom as I am too tired to work, and snap at the people I love. Do I treat everything I put into my body as medicine or a quick fix for a craving?

So much to think about. I think its time for sleep. Maybe tomorrow I will have the energy….!

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