I lay in bed thinking about life and the people we meet. A little time of self expression as well. How do I come across? Am I friendly, approachable? I have recently met some people who spend most of the conversation we are having not giving me any eye contact and I don’t think they are actually listening to a single word I say. After thinking about how I am around people, I realized that I am the same. How annoying! I barely listen and eye contact is difficult. I spend a lot of time daydreaming instead and watching their expressions as they speak. Is there a way to change this?

The people around us are fascinating! All of them have a history and a dream for the future. How much time do we spend listening?…instead of trying to put in our own two cents into the conversation? Most of us spend the entire conversation trying to come up with the next thing to say ourselves. How to come across smart and witty!! I know I do? Of course if I notice that the other person isn’t listening to me I get annoyed. :).

I am making a New Years resolution, even though it’s almost April. Eye contact and genuine interest will be the goal of every conversation. Please keep me accountable! I know that this will be difficult at first…but I look forward to really getting to know some interesting people!!!

One thought on “Listening!”

  1. I think this is true. We often think we’re good listeners, when we’re not really. Having said that, I personally think you are!

    Very nice resolution all the same. I will try to do it too.

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