Listen Up!

Have you noticed that we spend so much time thinking of ourselves, that we hardly hear a word that anyone else is saying? As a society we are so inwardly focused that life speeds by with out noticing what is happening in other lives. I think it telling when I read the comments under status reports on Facebook. Sometimes half of the comments have nothing to do with what is being talked about, it’s about the writer them self. Instead of sending words or support, they write about their own problems and triumphs. Why? Can’t they see that it isn’t about them?

We live in a recognition starved society. Everything screams “me, me, me”…”I’m important”…”look at me!!!” We read about celebrities and wannabes on a regular basis. That 15 minutes of fame is apparently worth humiliating yourself for…just watch youtube for a few minutes. We watch people living lives with no real meaning and want to emulate them. Why? Because they are famous. Nothing else. How many of them are really living lives that you want? Most of them are just climbing the ladder to fame…not caring who gets hurt in the process. Not listening to the people around them, and seeing how lives are being torn apart.

How can we choose to be a person of integrity? Someone who rejoices and supports others. Putting others first. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a conversation with someone who genuinely listened without interrupting and talking about them self? Think about that the next time you are listening to someone…how many times do your thoughts wander to what you could tell them about yourself? Even if it about the same subject? How about just listening! Maybe they actually have something to say!

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