God Calling…

Is there a part of you that feels unfulfilled? Does your spirit feel like it is suppressing something that could bring you more peace and fulfillment? Does it feel like something that would require sacrifice…and in being so, you ignore it? After all, life is about accomplishment, not sacrifice, right?

The other morning we were having a conversation with our youngest, a 13 year old, and he is getting to that point where he is getting a little belligerent. We were discussing his school routine, we homeschool, and he always has a great excuse for his procrastination. The observation was that he listens, but doesn’t obey. There is a distinct difference between the words listen and obey. One can be really good at listening, but if that doesn’t translate to any action or understanding, it really is a waste of someone else’s breath.

So many of us hear God calling us. We listen, but don’t obey. We have a great excuse on hand. Timing is never right. We even use really “legitimate” excuses to ignore what God is asking of us. For some it is also just laziness, and for some it is fear.

Fear is real. Stepping into the unknown is scary for many. We can’t see the future. We can’t plan, and often we give up some level of security. Security can mean different things to different people. It can mean financial, but it can also be the security of family, or a stable job. The interesting thing is, obeying God’s voice doesn’t mean that we are going to lose something…even though that’s what we might fear.

A life lived in God’s plan and purpose is the most exhilarating place to be. Sure, there might be financial sacrifice, even a move to different location, but He also provides the strength and peace needed for it all.

Ask yourself…what is it that you fear, or don’t want to hear? Next time God calls, answer and see where the obedience leads! It is an adventure that can’t be compared to.

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