I must confess that I fill a lot of time with fluff. I have the link to people magazine on my iPad, and check it daily, sometimes twice. I try to hide it when my family walks by…haha…I think they know. I won’t ask. Better to live with this delusion. I know way too many useless facts about celebrities, but I tend not to say much…unless I find another kindred spirit who has this same pastime. Now all of you know. Needed to get this off my chest.

What has prompted this in my life? Is it boredom? Procrastination? Comparing myself to others? Misplaced idolatry? I don’t know, and I don’t think I want to give it up just yet. 🙁 Many of us waste a huge amount of time on fluff. Surfing the net, watching tv, shopping, reading crap…what is it for you?? We all have our favorite time waster. Does it serve a purpose? I think a small amount of fluff is good, I don’t have studies to prove it at this point…but I find it calms the mind. Too much makes me feel guilty. And I know that it isn’t good for me.

Learning to control the fluff would be good. It seems that so many things that are good for us also take a lot of self control and discipline. Again…going back to being accountable…being an adult about things. So hard. Life would be so much easier if we could just spend most of it escaping with fluff. Wouldn’t have to deal with issues, relationships, or with developing a true relationship with Christ. For some of us, church is the fluff…we spend a lot of time there, with nothing to show for it, except useless knowledge about the christian celebrities, platitudes and prerecorded ideas. Does that sound familiar? Church is a place for growth. But sometimes the time spent there can be used for developing a social life instead of developing a real relationship with God.

Another challenge….getting rid of the fluff eventually. Maybe I should budget my time. If I give myself a pre assigned time every day. Schedule it in. Only 15 minutes. Start to eliminate it slowly. Going cold turkey wouldn’t work for me. I need to learn that moderation is good. Self control and discipline are not bad words. They are good words. They can be misused to incite people to a life of obsession…but they can also be words to inspire one to reach for a higher purpose.

What is your time waster? Fluff? Does it fill your days with happiness or is there an emptiness that shows up after? I’d like to hear what you think. If you don’t want to write it in the comments..then use saramaxwell67@gmail.com to share with me. It would be nice to get some advice too. If you read my blogs, you will see that I need lots of it! Haha…

2 thoughts on “Fluff”

  1. Saara!! My time waster is definitely cooking shows. But not the type where watch someone teach you how to cook (those are dumb, unless you have a tv in your kitchen and can follow along that fast AND have all the ingredients…). Like Top Chef Canada, Masterchef. Also So You Think You Can Dance (but only the cool auditions because after awhile it gets boring) and Doctor Who. and Pretty Little Liars. But most of all GREY’S ANATOMY!!! (but i don’t think Grey’s counts, cause sometime you learn stuff!) Man this is sounding bad!! Reality tv is bad for me. 😛 Its nice to numb the mind though after work! At least with reading, I learn something 😛 lol I hope you are able to manage your fluff better, and maybe I will be able to manage my fluff.

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