I’ve been there, and I’ve done that! Shopped for another thing, thinking that I would somehow be able to fill in that hole inside of me. Looking for sales, finding deals, and looking into my overflowing closet and not finding a single thing to wear. Wanting what I saw in the store windows…spending the money…coming home and not really feeling any better.

Watching the news, and seeing people trample each other for “bargains”, has really affected me this year. There is a high likelihood that whatever they are lining up for, or hurting each other for, they already have at home. But this years TV is such a good deal…so what if we have 4 already? Credit cards filling up again? Is the storage unit that we are paying $100 a month for filling up as well? Do we need another one? What do we do with our closets that are full? We can’t fit in any more stuff! And really, giving our clothes to the Salvation Army is good…but is it just because we want more clothes for ourselves? Does it make us feel generous? Does it fill that hole? What if we give to the Salvation Army…and then give the money we would spend on newer clothes to them as well? What a novel idea??

Yesterday, our pastor came to tell us that there is going to be a famine in the villages around us this year. There hasn’t been enough rain, and the corn isn’t growing. What can we do to help, he wanted to know? People are already starting to go to sleep hungry. Already many of them eat just once a day, and there children go to school without breakfast.

I wish there was some way to get to the core. Those people with plenty, want more. And those with nothing just want a piece of bread. Wouldn’t it be a better world if we gave our own children 1 less gift this year…and gave something to someone in need? Do they really need another Xbox or gadget to make them happy? Do we need another day at the spa? Do we really need more things?

This season is the season of thanksgiving and joy for many. But it also is the time where there are people spiraling down in loneliness and despair, often ending in suicide.

Maybe this is the year to make a change? Instead of posting pictures up of the mountain of gifts under the tree, we can make a difference in the lives of someone else. Buy someone a turkey, give to the organizations that are making a difference. Explain to our children, who want the latest $300 toy, that the same amount of money would feed an African family for a lifetime…all they would need is a few goats and some seeds to plant. For so many, coming up with money to buy the latest Ipod isn’t a big deal…but giving that same amount to someone in need…can’t happen, can’t find the money.

I don’t know…I just feel helpless. Seeing the large gap between the cultures just breaks my heart.

Excuse my rant. I want to see a change. I want to change. People say that Jesus is in control and He loves the little children. That is true…but we, His church, are His hands and feet. How do the little children get that love, if we don’t give it to them? How does Jesus fill their bellies with food, if we don’t give it to them? How does Jesus give the people in need what they need…through US!!! That’s it! That’s the only way!

Let’s be that hands and feet…and HEART…of Jesus this season.

3 thoughts on “Famine”

  1. This has happened before. We usually carry two bags of corn (100 kilos each) out to our churches. It’s not enough for everyone, but one bag will supply one church, and it’s not very expensive. God bless you as you learn how often our hearts get broken here, and God love you for caring.

  2. Thanks Charles. That sounds like a good idea. Thanks for all your support here, and all the great ideas. It helps having a “veteran missionary” in our corner!

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