Do you believe we are on earth for a specific purpose? Can we find what it is, or does it evolve as we live? Can we miss it altogether? What if you were put on earth just to make a difference in the life of one person? Would that be enough? Should it be enough? There is a quote that has stayed in my mind…”Every person you meet, every single one, is looking for their story. There are no exceptions. You become part of that story by how you treat them.” That’s actually a responsibility given to us by God. What if our purpose was to be part of a person’s story and we walk by them because we are off to do “more important things”.

I’m no Mother Teresa…never will be…but maybe I can be a catalyst in the life of someone who will be the next Mother Teresa? Maybe that person can make the difference in thousands of lives. No one is an accident. Everyone has been created for the glory of God. We were woven and planned before the womb. Jeremiah 1:5.

We have been conditioned to seek fame and fortune, nothing else is a measure of worldly success. I’m no exception…I’ve been wracking my brains for years trying to figure out how I could “succeed”. God had to bring me the ends of the earth to try and get my attention. First to northern Ontario and now to the far northwest corner of Tanzania. What can I learn from this? Maybe it is that simple plan that God has for me. “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me”…thank God He hasn’t given up on my destiny. What can I do for Him today? Who cares about tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “Destiny…”

  1. I sometimes think that the focus we have put on Destiny…makes us unhappy in the now. One of the most peaceful moments I have ever had…. was when I found everything that I assumed meant success was taken away….I was left with a backstory that makes me not the best candidate for ministry work (in the common Christian way of thinking)

    I was siting by this beautiful river…..broken and oh so tired….tired of trying to prove that I still had a great destiny. I heard Jesus in such a loud clear manner…He asked me a simple question what if he created me for his pleasure….what if my Job was to JUST to love him with abandon…to love him with all my heart, soul, mind. It was as if all of heaven opened up and I felt a peace that passes all understanding. I knew I need not worry about being useful or being something. I was something I was the Bride of Christ. I was his and it was simple love him.

    I still get days when I want to prove myself…in the CHRISTIAN way…I start to feel tight all over and panic…and then I recall how simple the task is…to love him (that is challenge all it’s own….but there is peace to that challenge)

    I pray that our generations would learn to Love HIM with reckless abandon….and see our world change. It is this love that will change the world….falling in love with Jesus…being his Bride.

  2. Destiny! what a great topic! often the wonder of many and the fulfillment of few :)) I love the quote you put in this blog! I love the idea of being part of someone’s story and others being part of mine, it feels like collectively we have that same purpose to be a chapter in someone’s book and I never thought about that until you wrote it! I want to remind you of one of your great chapters in my story where I was trying to “figure” out my purpose when I was 35 (oh so young! πŸ™‚ – you were so encouraging to me and so insightful, you truly were the prologue to my Nepal missions chapter πŸ™‚ I learned a lot about myself there and it was part of my destiny to go there, without you I may not have seen that. So thank you for being part (of many) of the chapters in my life πŸ™‚ Be well!

  3. Can only say, wow! that is the secret! Your father emphasises it in his book, that we are God’s masterpiece or workmanship. he has created us anew in Christ Jesus so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago. Reading his book has made me realize anew how God used him to help the least of these.

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