“Dear Child, I love YOU…”

These words came to me last night. Thought I’d share them, so you can absorb what the love of Jesus is, and I do believe that they are from Jesus…

“Dear Child. Open your heart and hear my words. Receive them for yourself. I want you to truly experience what my love really is. For many of you the word LOVE is a foreign word, or it might even be a dirty word. Some of you have never experienced love. It might have been given to you with strings. It might have been violent, or deeply inappropriate – even sexual. Some of you have never experienced TRUE LOVE. It didn’t come from your family, or even your spouse.

Today I want you to experience MY LOVE. A love without conditions, a love that doesn’t expect something back. It doesn’t matter if you can’t love me back, just open your heart. Some of your hearts have deep wounds, and opening yourself up might fill you with fear.

I LOVE YOU!! Nothing you do, or say, can take this away.

Now picture this…I am here. I want to meet you here, and now.

For some of you I am giving you a hug. A hug that is supporting you, and holding you up. I will not ever let go. Hold on to me. Let the walls come down. Start taking them down. Watch the bricks fall.

For others of you I am holding a bowl under your chin. I am catching all of those tears. All the tears that you have cried in private. I have been collecting them…and I want you to know that I SEE YOU!! I have been beside you all of this time. I have been holding you, and loving you.

Others of you need new eyes. I am rubbing the blinders off. You need to see me for WHO I AM. Some of you are just seeing me for the very first time.

Some of you have been deaf to my voice. I am cleaning out your ears. You haven’t been listening to me. I have something I want to tell you, and you haven’t let me speak.

There are some of you that need their feet washed. I am kneeling in front of you and washing your tired feet. You have been a good and faithful servant, and I have SEEN YOU in your service. You will now have clean feet, and rested feet, so that you may continue on in your journey.

For some of you I am activating your sense of humor. Accept the tickle! You have spent too much time without laughter. You have taken yourself, and others, too seriously…and you need a good belly laugh. Just let go! Let’s sit together and just laugh. Laughter brings joy and FREEDOM!!

If nothing else, remember this. KNOW that I am WAITING for YOU! I want to carry you, and spend time with you.

Soak in MY LOVE.

Let go….