Cruise Control

A few days ago I noticed that I had driven quite a distance without noticing a thing. Lost in my own thoughts, and the car was in cruise control…not a very safe method of travel. Fortunately I was on a good road and had no incidents to worry about. This made me think about how often life seems to be in cruise control. We spend days and weeks, and months sometimes, going forward with a blank stare and a brain at minimal capacity. It can be a way to avoid too much pain at times, and so it turns into a defense mechanism. But it can also be just a life that is being lived at minimal effort.

The older I get I can see how time goes by quickly. A year whizzes by, another birthday, another Christmas. What did I do with the time I just had? Did I just cruise through with the mundane monotony of daily living? Did I once stop to assess my thoughts and days? Did I stop to appreciate the gift of life? Did I see the wonder of something beautiful? Did I laugh with my children and friends? Did I learn something new…about myself, or someone else? Was there a major event somewhere in the world that I paid no attention to…again?

This all happens to me, and time and time again I have to force myself to look at where I’m going. Sometimes I need to stop and turn around even. Cruise control doesn’t work. Too much living passes by!!! Life is beautiful. The scenery around me is beautiful. I don’t want to forget it.

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