Conscious Living

I was watching my husband do something silly the other day…this occurs a lot in our home (yes)…and asked him a question, “Do you ever experience self-awareness, and stop to contemplate what it is you’re really doing?” We laughed about it, chatted for a few more minutes, and then proceeded to go on our separate way. But something clicked inside my head as I was walking away. How often do we really stop and consciously think about what it is we are doing, or saying?

Do we live a life of routine? Habit?

How many days do we just use up doing the same things over and over? The days just slipping by…

What do we do when we experience something new? Do we shut down the emotion? Do we really experience it with thought and passion?

Do we feel it?

Are we truly aware of what we are feeling? Can we define that feeling?

People watching is a favorite pastime of mine. From what I understand, it is a favorite pastime of many others as well. There are many times that I will watch someone and realize that I didn’t see anything. I have been staring and not really observing. Not really thinking either…just slightly catatonic. Just wasting time. Letting time pass.

I am the EXPERT time waster. Social media. Hunting for snacks. Reading useless information in magazines or books. Staring into space. Watching something that is just a time hog…and doesn’t really make me think.

There is a saying out there…”You have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce!” That’s true. While Beyonce might not be that inspiring to me, I can change the name to someone who also makes a difference. Mandela. Oprah. Billy Graham. Pick a name that inspires you. They have the same amount of time in a day as we do.

So, what is it that I do differently? Why is it that I seem to run out of time, and yet get nothing done? Why do some change the world? Write books? Inspire millions? Change policy?

Conscious living! That is what I believe it is. Treating each and every moment as a gift AND an opportunity.

I WANT to learn this!! To be keenly aware of my choices, actions, words, thoughts, feelings, and time…what a gift that would be. A gift of self-awareness! (not to be confused with self righteousness or self promotion) Seeing the world with new eyes, and coming to the realization that I can also change. I might not be able to change THE world…but I can change A world! It can be mine and/or someone else’s.

We have a voice.
We have meaning.
We are not an accident of design.

Tomorrow starts a new day. And a new opportunity to really LIVE! Let’s give it our best shot.