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My Sister’s Keeper?

Accountability. A big word, and it can carry a lot of weight. Are we accountable to each other? To God? Why? And why should we be?

I don’t have a sister. I have listened to friends with sisters talk about what those relationships are like…and they sound so interesting. Frustrating, and yet so satisfying at times. Someone who knows what buttons to push, and calls you out on your issues. Tells you how it is…right? Well, that’s what is sounds like to me.

So, even though I don’t have a biological sister, it has become apparent to me in the last little while that I have many “sisters”. Women in my life who care about me, and what I am going through. We have the type of relationships that baffle the men in our lives…how can one talk on the phone for 3 hours a day? What do we really talk about?? Continue reading My Sister’s Keeper?

Love Revolution

“Have you had your hug today?”

This was a question I heard for years, when I used to go to work as a flight attendant. I looked forward to seeing this co-worker. I didn’t get hugs in my daily life, and craved contact with another human being. Those hugs were like therapy. I could feel my body relax and fill with new strength.

It’s so sad that the world has changed so much since those days. We can’t touch anyone without worrying about being charged with some form of harassment. There are countless people walking around us, with no non-sexual contact with another person. Love starved and lonely in a sea of people. This isn’t how we are meant to live. Continue reading Love Revolution

G.I. Joe

When I was about 8 years old I received my first and only barbie doll. She was beautiful, with creamy skin and short curly hair. Hours were spent styling her and I made her so many clothes and earrings. She was a very lucky doll. Then at about 10 years old I started nagging my mother for a man doll. Barbie was lonely and I figured that she should have a husband. I wanted a G.I. Joe for her. He was very masculine and had many moving parts. They would look very good together. But instead of Joe, we ended up with an $8 Ken doll. He was not very good at anything. He was too pretty, and couldn’t bend his arms or legs properly…quite a disappointment. (They ended up being part of a rock group…but that is another story.) Continue reading G.I. Joe

Two Bits

So many of us have grown up listening to sermons, petitions and pleas to help good causes. We have heard how it is biblical to tithe and to still give offerings on top of it all. The people telling us this give us examples of how The Lord has blessed them as they have given…and they think that might loosen the purse strings a little more. Does it really? It doesn’t affect me whatsoever. I get stubborn. Maybe it’s because we hear sob stories and watch fund raising telethons by the hour. We see celebrities pitching their time and pretty face…and we think that that should at least get other people to give…just not us. We don’t have anything. Right? Continue reading Two Bits

Degrees of Separation?

We are all connected. There have been studies done that show we are only 7 degrees away from every human on this planet. If you let that sink in, it really does go to show how small our world is…and how interconnected we are. Have you ever had someone talk about a friend and you know either that person or someone in their circle? And I don’t just mean in our small church groups…it is everywhere. Continue reading Degrees of Separation?

Traps and Snares

The enemy does not want us to succeed…not at all, not ever. And because of this, we find that every day is a new challenge to overcome his traps and snares. He lays them out in every direction. His only real challenge is to make sure we don’t see the traps, and don’t recognize the signs in front of us. Once we see the enemy doing what he likes, we have the arsenal to fight. If he can keep us in a state of busyness, or fatigue…then he can almost control us, and make sure we are of no use to Jesus. Continue reading Traps and Snares