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10 things I learned about myself…in women’s ministry.

These last 9 months I have been privileged to serve in the ladies ministry program at our church.  It was a schooling that I didn’t expect.

10 things I learned about myself…in women’s ministry.

1.   I am not as spiritual as I pretend to be.  Yes, we can have a spiritual “look” about us, and we can pretend that we know all the right answers…but I learned quite quickly that if I have someone asking me a question about Jesus, I better know Him really well myself.

2.   Being vulnerable is good and bad.  Opening up and talking about our own issues and mistakes opens up the hearts of the people listening…but it also makes you accountable to many.  As someone who has (and still have at times) a wall around them, those bricks come tumbling down after you cry a few times in front of a group of women.  It isn’t easy to keep putting those bricks back up.

3.  I learned that I am a quitter!   Continue reading 10 things I learned about myself…in women’s ministry.

Start the Conversation…

Prayer. What does that look like? For many of us it is a ritualistic poem that we say before meals, or when we go to church. There is an emptiness to this ritual, but there doesn’t seem to be anything else to say. Other times, we call out to God, “Help me, I can’t do this anymore, and I’ll do anything if you just answer this cry for help”. Then we forget this prayer as soon as the situation abates. We might be left with a sense that the prayer was answered, but that’s as far as it goes. Continue reading Start the Conversation…

The Confession…

“Forgive me Jesus, I messed up again”, I think I say this about 10 times a day…and if I’m being honest, I should say it more often. It is said that confession is good for the soul, and I can always feel a lifting of the soul when I admit that I am in need of another dose of grace.

So, what does it mean when we say we need to confess something? We all have some ideas of what it looks like. Continue reading The Confession…

The Gift in You

“You are so gifted in______!” We can fill in the blank ourselves, because most of us know what we are good at. In each and every one of us is something unique, something that makes us who we are. Some are good with their hands, some are good with their words, and some are gifted in the matters of the heart…and there are a few that seem to have more than a gift or two.

There are a few Bible passages that talk about gifts, spiritual gifts specifically. I mull over them once in awhile, because it seems that often the enemy uses those gifts as weapons against us. Continue reading The Gift in You

Friends for a Reason

Relationships! Friendships!! Finding someone somewhere who “gets you”…can become a journey fraught with pain, insecurity, giddiness, and it can be an all-consuming quest.

I have had, and continue to have some really meaningful friendships in my life. There are some that go back 30 years or more, and some that are fairly new. Some have come and gone, being there for a season, and some are there because they need something from me, and the relationship we have. Each relationship is different, because the dynamic of the two involved is always unique. No two people are alike, and so no friendship is the same.

Continue reading Friends for a Reason