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“Just Rest”

These last few weeks I have been hearing from women…women that are exhausted, angry and burned out. I know what that feels like. It’s a huge burden to bear, and for so many there doesn’t seem to be an answer.

It’s even too tiring to pursue Jesus and His peace. Sitting in church, instead of soaking and absorbing, we watch what others are doing, what they’re wearing, who is sitting with who…and only hear bits and pieces of what is going on. Even then, what we hear doesn’t seem to apply to us and our exhausted minds. When something does hit the spot, we feel a little tingle of hope…and decide to change our patterns and get closer to God and read His word.

We get home and forget everything we learned in just a few short minutes.

Too much happening to even think about getting our spiritual lives into a better place.

What can we do?

What does it mean to sit at the feet of Jesus? Can we even focus for more than 10 seconds without thinking about the “to do” list? Continue reading “Just Rest”

The Constant

The Constant (blog)

There have been about 4 weeks of blank brain space going on. Nothing seems to sink in…and definitely nothing of value seems to be coming out either. It has been hard to experience. And I confess that I have felt some despair over it as well. I started this year on such a high note. The website was renewed, I started getting involved with social media on a different level and met some great new people. Things were looking up and I could see some of my dreams coming true, things that I had dreamed about for years.

Then I hit a wall. A hard wall. And it wasn’t a wall in front of me…it was around me. I couldn’t see which way to go. I couldn’t think clearly… Continue reading The Constant

Cat and Mouse

We need to have a cat here in Africa. As someone who is transient, committing to a pet is always difficult. But here, something needs to stop the never ending swarm of little critters in the kitchen. Mice, lizards, roaches…whatever they are, it’s not good to have them in the food stuff.

Watching her in action can be entertaining, but when she catches a beautiful little bird, I am ready to give her away. The games and torture she puts them through is cruel. As I was subjected to another game of “cat and prey” today, it occurred to me that the enemy is the same with us… Continue reading Cat and Mouse

A Mother’s Heart

Being a mother is a lifetime journey of ups and downs. There are those moments of joy when we celebrate the firsts. The birth, the smile, the laugh…and those first steps. The first day of school is one of those firsts that fill us with dread. Will my baby be okay? Will he find friends? Will he be smart enough so that school won’t be a constant struggle? This day, and many of the days that follow, can potentially break our heart. We see struggle, we see pain…and we can’t do much about it. We can’t walk that walk for them…no matter how much we want to. We try to comfort and encourage them, and pray that it gets easier. We hide behind the encouraging smile, and cry, and rail at God…”why can’t this be easier? Why does my child have to suffer?” Continue reading A Mother’s Heart

Her Name is Wisdom

Wisdom is underrated. We need it to navigate life’s path, and the choices we make can be enhanced when made with even an ounce of it. This last week, I have not been using my wisdom very well. I have let emotion get in the way of choices that I have made, and now need an extra input of wisdom to clear things up. I have been asking/begging God to help me with this…and not to let emotion and “hormones” take over! It’s time to ask for advice…and get on my knees! 🙂 It’s not too late yet. Continue reading Her Name is Wisdom

Passing the Buck

For most of my life I would sit in the pew and listen to pleas for some cause or another. The television shows that I enjoyed watching had long commercial breaks showing hungry children and opportunities for helping someone in need. I would tune it out, change the channel…it made me uncomfortable. It’s not like I could help anyone, I didn’t have any money. And aren’t these commercials and speeches just a money grab for a large organization? It was easy to forget it all and think that someone else will take care of it. I didn’t need to make it my problem.

Now I am on the other side of the equation, seeing first hand the endless opportunities to help. Now I can’t change the channel. And there are days when I wish I could. It still makes me uncomfortable, and I still don’t have the money. Or do I? Don’t I have just enough to help a little? Isn’t that all I need to do? Didn’t the widow in the Bible just give her 10 cents? Jesus isn’t asking us to come up with millions of dollars for a big cause! He just wants an open heart and the willingness to be used. Continue reading Passing the Buck