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Patience? What’s that?

“What do you love about Jesus?” was a question that my friend asked me yesterday. I had to think about that for a bit. These last few years I have learned about a new Jesus…not the one I grew up with, the one defined by man…but someone more infinitely beautiful. Someone who really loves. Someone who is real. Someone who is beside me at all times, even when I try to push Him away. “I love that He is patient” was my answer.

Yes, He is patient. And isn’t it marvellous that He is? Continue reading Patience? What’s that?

The Confession…

“Forgive me Jesus, I messed up again”, I think I say this about 10 times a day…and if I’m being honest, I should say it more often. It is said that confession is good for the soul, and I can always feel a lifting of the soul when I admit that I am in need of another dose of grace.

So, what does it mean when we say we need to confess something? We all have some ideas of what it looks like. Continue reading The Confession…

Nothing to Lose…

What do I have to lose?

You might be wondering what I am talking about.

This last year has been one of those journeys that I used to only read about. The “great awakening”!! It has been a year where the tears and laughter have flowed, but also the full spectrum of emotion has also been experienced. From the dizzying heights to “the depths of despair”, as so well said by Anne Shirley. 🙂 I have learned to say what I believe, instead of skirting issues. Standing up for what I believe has been harder, and easier, than I thought it would be. Avoiding conflict and controversy was the way I used to protect myself before. It made life easier to deal with…but darkness was simmering below the surface the whole time. Just waiting to explode. Continue reading Nothing to Lose…

Falling in Love…

I have been a christian for over 40 years. In that time I have had the opportunity to serve in ministry, be it as an MK (missionary kid), elders wife, counseling teacher, cook at the church camp or even being a missionary. But it’s only in the last 6 months that I have fallen in love.

Yes, fallen for Jesus.

What happened? How can I be a professing follower of Jesus, and not have loved Him for the entire time? Continue reading Falling in Love…

Visions of JOY!!!

“Now close your eyes, picture yourself walking along the shores of Lake Galilee. Imagine Jesus walking beside you, see the lake, hear the waves wash along the shore, and ask Jesus that question you want the answer to.” (this is all a bit paraphrased, as I don’t remember the exact wording…but I think you can get the picture)

Hmmm. What question did I have for Jesus? And why didn’t I feel like taking this very seriously? I was a bit skeptical, but then that isn’t a new reaction for me.

Okay, I will close my eyes.

Focus on the lake.

Where was Jesus? Continue reading Visions of JOY!!!

“Bling Bling” from Jesus

“You are a magpie,” my cousin said one day, as we were walking through the downtown flea markets in Helsinki. “They gravitate to sparkly things, and so do you.”

What can I say, it’s true. If it sparkles, I am mesmerized. I even became a rep for a sterling silver company just so I could get bling for a good price, and drool over catalogues. I tried to get my hands on as many pieces as I could, but the pricier ones still were unattainable. Oh well, maybe someday.

As we were getting ready to move to Tanzania I felt that I needed to sell all of my silver jewelry. I knew that it would sell well, and the money that it brought would cover the cost of a plane ticket or two. It wasn’t a sacrifice, after all this was a new adventure, following our call was exciting. Plus, having bling in Africa would just make me a target of thieves.

So, it all went, with maybe a few pieces remaining. It was all good. It was just frivolous jewelry, right? Continue reading “Bling Bling” from Jesus