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Degrees of Separation?

We are all connected. There have been studies done that show we are only 7 degrees away from every human on this planet. If you let that sink in, it really does go to show how small our world is…and how interconnected we are. Have you ever had someone talk about a friend and you know either that person or someone in their circle? And I don’t just mean in our small church groups…it is everywhere. Continue reading Degrees of Separation?

Passing the Buck

For most of my life I would sit in the pew and listen to pleas for some cause or another. The television shows that I enjoyed watching had long commercial breaks showing hungry children and opportunities for helping someone in need. I would tune it out, change the channel…it made me uncomfortable. It’s not like I could help anyone, I didn’t have any money. And aren’t these commercials and speeches just a money grab for a large organization? It was easy to forget it all and think that someone else will take care of it. I didn’t need to make it my problem.

Now I am on the other side of the equation, seeing first hand the endless opportunities to help. Now I can’t change the channel. And there are days when I wish I could. It still makes me uncomfortable, and I still don’t have the money. Or do I? Don’t I have just enough to help a little? Isn’t that all I need to do? Didn’t the widow in the Bible just give her 10 cents? Jesus isn’t asking us to come up with millions of dollars for a big cause! He just wants an open heart and the willingness to be used. Continue reading Passing the Buck

“Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?”

There is a song going through my head this morning! It feels like an anthem for this coming year. When the ones who believe get together and sing and praise together, the enemy will flee! There is something in the air…can you feel it???

“Did you feel the mountains tremble
Did you hear the oceans roar
When the people rose to sing of
Jesus Christ the risen one Continue reading “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?”


Often relationships become lopsided. One needs and expects more than the other, or one is more demanding and eventually the other becomes drained of energy. It is said that relationships are 50/50…but it really should more like 100/100. There aren’t really any other options, but often the numbers are uneven, and one inevitably gives more than the other. Unless it’s acknowledged and worked on, there is one who eventually feels used and tired. There can even be a breakup down the road.

Which side of a relationship are you on? Do you give or take? Does it feel fair?

Do you depend on another person to get you through the day? What happens when that person fails or disappoints you? And what do you do if they aren’t available every time you need them? Do you feel it’s their fault? Is it easy to assign blame on someone else when our needs aren’t met? Continue reading Dependence

No Regrets

There was a link going around on facebook this last week. It was about deathbed confessions and the most common regrets people had in their last days. As they say, hindsight is 20/20…and if we are able to learn from the regrets of others, then we can live a fuller life. The trick is to take them seriously, and to really think about them. What can we do to ensure that at the end of our days we know that we lived a life of no regrets. A life fully lived!

Here is the list of 5 regrets:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. (This was the most common regret of all)

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier. Continue reading No Regrets

The Big Picture

I don’t know how many of you have read, or seen, “The Pillars of the Earth”. It is quite a popular book, written by Ken Follett. It sat on my bookshelf for years, and for some reason I didn’t read it…so I watched the TV movie instead. Not my usual behavior…I tend to be the kind of person who prefers the book…oh well, I succumbed.

The idea of this blog is the “big picture”…and it ties, somehow, the book and the message I heard spoken at our Missionary Fellowship today. The central theme of both was about a cathedral…and the people involved in the process. Continue reading The Big Picture