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The Shriveled Soul

For the last few months I have been reading “Having a Mary Spirit” by Joanna Weaver. A fantastic book, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to really get to the root of what is happening inside their soul.

The last chapter I read talked about the root of bitterness and how it shrivels our soul. She quotes Paul Borthwick where he identifies the two types of people, “enlarged souls” who live a life with faith-filled optimism and “shriveled souls” who let themselves become embittered and withered by life’s hardships. I thought I would write down the nine suggestions for avoiding the “shriveled soul syndrome.” I could see myself in quite a few of these…and I would encourage you to start the process of opening up to what is holding you back in your walk with Jesus. Continue reading The Shriveled Soul

The Silent Scream (part 2)

It didn’t take long for the counselor to figure out what was wrong. Within a few sessions it became obvious that I had some form of PTSD. (I had suspected that myself, but it was a relief to hear someone else confirm it.) She also added to that, as there were another few issues as well. Strategic Survival Personality and Boarding School Syndrome…big words! What did those mean? Are they actually real issues? Or were they just some form of psychobabble?

It seems that there were quite a few reasons for this diagnosis. I guess that experiencing war, violence, and abandonment were quite traumatic, and had a long term effect.

Continue reading The Silent Scream (part 2)

A Better Place (Part 2)

Did you think about it? Is it possible to make the world a better place? Is it worth trying to live a life that is fully invested in the happiness of others? What’s in it for us? And should it matter?

It should matter. It affects all of us, and all of our surroundings. It infuses light and life into the people that we are invested in. And through them it spreads further. There is a ripple effect in what we do. A kind word to someone who is having a rough day could change their lives…and it takes little effort from us. Continue reading A Better Place (Part 2)

Stretch Marks

There are days when I look at my stretch marks and wish them away. It would be nice to wear a cuter bathing suit, or a hipper pair of jeans. I know it’s all about vanity, but I am human, and a woman…can’t help those moments. But these marks are here to stay, and I just have to accept them. After all, they are a physical reminder of growth. A time when my life changed and I became a mother.

Many of us have gone through a rapid stage of growth and have stretch marks that show this rapid transformation. They are that eternal reminder of a time where we experienced discomfort and even pain.

A time where we changed forever. Continue reading Stretch Marks

20 Questions

This last week we have done some extra driving…and the car game is 20 Questions. One person comes up with an idea, a person, place or thing, and the others have 20 questions to ask and to guess what it is. It can be a lot of fun. Sometimes it takes 40 questions, but it still occupies the time well.

One thing I realize as I play this game is that I am not talented, at all, in the art of asking questions. After the few that I can come up with, the same ones every time, I am stumped. It would so nice to come up with witty questions and blow everyone away with my brilliance. Alas, not so. Continue reading 20 Questions

The Foreteller

If you had the opportunity to see your future, would you do it? So many times I have wished that I could see what was coming, just so I would know what choices to make. Obviously, by making certain choices, I can sort of guide the direction I want to go…but can’t really foretell what the consequences will be until I have lived with that choice. And so many choices lead in directions that bring negative consequences. So many of my choices have… Continue reading The Foreteller