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Crisis of faith

Not so many years ago I had a crisis of faith. I stopped believing in God and all I had ever believed in. It almost felt like a relief. No more pressure to be good and strive for eternal life. I had spent my life watching my parents devoting themselves to ministry and it looked like it was just too much work. God had such high expectations, and I was tired. An apathy set in and I stopped caring. Who cares if I go to heaven if I don’t believe it exists anyways? Continue reading Crisis of faith


I lay in bed thinking about life and the people we meet. A little time of self expression as well. How do I come across? Am I friendly, approachable? I have recently met some people who spend most of the conversation we are having not giving me any eye contact and I don’t think they are actually listening to a single word I say. After thinking about how I am around people, I realized that I am the same. How annoying! I barely listen and eye contact is difficult. I spend a lot of time daydreaming instead and watching their expressions as they speak. Is there a way to change this? Continue reading Listening!

Porn for Women

I thought I would put up a title that would make you read further. Everyone loves a little scintillation…right? That’s what I’ve been told. It helps the marriage, makes it hotter…right? My question to you is, at what price? Isn’t that what porn if for? Spicing things up? “I don’t look at porn!” You say…that’s disgusting! Well…do you read romance novels? Novels that have some “action” in them? Does it get you all hot and bothered? Continue reading Porn for Women