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Comfort Zone

I have a very strong personal zone around me. Come too close and I move…I try not to, but I do!!! Come in for an impromptu hug and I stiffen, or at least I used to. It takes a lot of work to relax and be aware of the other person…and maybe even of their feelings. Where do these comfort zones come from? Do we learn them from our families? Are they inherited? Have we been injured and rebuffed so many times that we are closing ourselves off as self preservation?

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Have you ever realized how much power you have as a woman? We raise the next generation of movers and shakers. We can influence men, and with that we can have a large say in how things are done…in government, church, and work. We also have so many opportunities to create a life of influence ourselves. We have a loud voice, literally and figuratively. How can we use this power for good and not evil?

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It’s Mine!!

So many times I catch myself wishing I was three years old and able to get away with that three year old behavior!!! I want to say “it’s mine” or “give it to me”…and snatch something from someone. Or just even say “I don’t like you”…and almost get away with it. Haha! Growing up is so hard. Maybe I can look forward to saying these things again when I’m over ninety??? How can we deal with this constant fight with selfishness? Is there actually a method? Is there a formula? I think I’m still looking for the easy way.

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These last posts may have seemed a bit heavy. As I confess all my deep dark secrets the readership stops altogether! Hahaa!! I understand. I don’t know if I would want to read it either. The only reason I started this blog is because I had a few friends that encouraged it. It is good to create dialogue and maybe even get someone thinking about their own circumstances. In these 45 years I have had many a shallow conversation with people that I know have a lot more to say…why don’t we say it? Why do we become uncomfortable when the conversation touches on feelings and thoughts? Is it more important to discuss the latest celebrity gossip or what’s in fashion? There are times for these conversations as well…don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy them…but, when there is nothing else…?? Continue reading Conversation

Test = Testimony

For most of my adult life I have struggled with one major issue. (Disclaimer…there are many minor ones as well 🙂 ) I have yet to triumph over it. There are glimmers in the distance future…it will be something that I can turn into my testimony. This might sound a bit off to some, but I believe that God gives us something to work on in our lives…something that we can overcome and use for helping others. It can be in the areas of addiction, relationships, finance, and even sickness.

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As mothers we have a constant demand on our time and our emotions. So many of us can’t let ourselves rest and relax. We run ourselves ragged. We live in the world of guilt…why can’t we be better mothers? Why do I act like a child myself? I find myself comparing my mothering skills to others…ones that are “obviously” doing a much better job. I doubt they ever say anything nasty when they’re tired. They must be constantly reading and playing games with their children. Continue reading Motherhood