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The Confession…

“Forgive me Jesus, I messed up again”, I think I say this about 10 times a day…and if I’m being honest, I should say it more often. It is said that confession is good for the soul, and I can always feel a lifting of the soul when I admit that I am in need of another dose of grace.

So, what does it mean when we say we need to confess something? We all have some ideas of what it looks like. Continue reading The Confession…

Friends for a Reason

Relationships! Friendships!! Finding someone somewhere who “gets you”…can become a journey fraught with pain, insecurity, giddiness, and it can be an all-consuming quest.

I have had, and continue to have some really meaningful friendships in my life. There are some that go back 30 years or more, and some that are fairly new. Some have come and gone, being there for a season, and some are there because they need something from me, and the relationship we have. Each relationship is different, because the dynamic of the two involved is always unique. No two people are alike, and so no friendship is the same.

Continue reading Friends for a Reason

My Sister’s Keeper?

Accountability. A big word, and it can carry a lot of weight. Are we accountable to each other? To God? Why? And why should we be?

I don’t have a sister. I have listened to friends with sisters talk about what those relationships are like…and they sound so interesting. Frustrating, and yet so satisfying at times. Someone who knows what buttons to push, and calls you out on your issues. Tells you how it is…right? Well, that’s what is sounds like to me.

So, even though I don’t have a biological sister, it has become apparent to me in the last little while that I have many “sisters”. Women in my life who care about me, and what I am going through. We have the type of relationships that baffle the men in our lives…how can one talk on the phone for 3 hours a day? What do we really talk about?? Continue reading My Sister’s Keeper?

Girl Power!

I have been a terrible flirt throughout most of my life. I didn’t see any harm in it, and couldn’t really understand why other girls/women would give me the evil eye. “No harm in a little fun”, said the voice in my head, “I am not doing anything really serious and would never follow through…!” Being popular with the guys was what I knew and what I was comfortable with. Girls and their emotions confused me. So what if their men were having more fun with me?


Facing this truth has taken the last decade. Stopping the flirting and joking was easy enough to do, but it only has become apparent in the last little while what was really going on.

I wasn’t honoring other women. Continue reading Girl Power!

20 Questions

This last week we have done some extra driving…and the car game is 20 Questions. One person comes up with an idea, a person, place or thing, and the others have 20 questions to ask and to guess what it is. It can be a lot of fun. Sometimes it takes 40 questions, but it still occupies the time well.

One thing I realize as I play this game is that I am not talented, at all, in the art of asking questions. After the few that I can come up with, the same ones every time, I am stumped. It would so nice to come up with witty questions and blow everyone away with my brilliance. Alas, not so. Continue reading 20 Questions

Love and Truth

The other day I was given the gift of music. (These things make us so happy here in the bush!) I chose an album that my son recommended and there were a few songs on there that touched me to the core. One of the songs was, “Loving You With the Truth.” It talks about having the guts to share ones faith with a friend who doesn’t share the same faith.

So many of us believers are afraid, of rejection, humiliation, and maybe even of losing a friend. So we skirt the issues of faith…and we say the generic terms of “praying for you”, and ” I am spiritual.” We definitely don’t want to be compared to those “crazy” holy-rollers that people see on TV, right? Continue reading Love and Truth