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Body Beautiful

Just last week I had the JOY of sitting on a beautiful beach. Calm and turquoise water, gentle breezes, and warmth just seeping through the bones.


“Mom, Poppa says you’re too old to wear a bikini!”, the young voice pierces through the calm. “Yes, I am…but I have decided not to care about all of the fat rolls on my body today!”, answers the fit and trim mother. (I had the privilege of listening to these people for a good length of time, as my bliss slowly blistered into indignation.)

So, what is the message here? Sounds a bit mixed up to me. Too old? Too fat? Who cares?

Where is it coming from? And what message is the young girl getting from her family? Continue reading Body Beautiful


Aging in this society that we live in can be very stressful. We have social ideal that is dictated to us. Even the older models are nipped and tucked and airbrushed to show us what we need to look like at a certain age. They are all a size 0 or 2… A size 4 or 6 is already a large woman. Nasty! Who gave them the right to dictate this to us? How can the ideal woman be something that only .0001% seem to attain? Continue reading Perfection


In this day of fitness and exercise we are bombarded with images of beautiful and fit women. They are all over the covers and pages of magazines. We buy them by the stack. We read them while consuming our fancy coffees and muffins. And we feel guilty. At least I do. Why can’t I discipline myself to look like that? I know it takes discipline…the few times I’ve tried to get into some sort of shape, I have noticed it takes work. It doesn’t happen overnight. If anything, even after a few weeks I can’t see any difference. That’s usually when one quits. Why do I quit when it feels good (after the workout) and I know it’s good for me? Continue reading Fitness…