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Facebook is full of people (my friends) eagerly watching for spring. I guess it’s late this year and many are fed up with the wait…as well as flabbergasted by all the snow. I can’t help but think how this reflects on how life also works. We spend so many of the seasons we live in waiting for the next one. If there is too much heat or cold or rain…it’s somehow always wished away while we wait for the rain, cold or heat. I spent many years doing this. I was too cold or too hot and always waiting for something better. What a waste of time that ended up being. Continue reading Seasons

Language of Love…

Books and I go back almost 40 years. It has, and continues to be a fantastic relationship. However…there are only a few that have stuck with me through the years. One of them comes to mind when I thought about this blog. It’s the book, “5 Love Languages” , by Gary Chapman. I’m sure most of you have read it, or at least have seen it lying around. It has been a best seller for many years. For some it’s “pop psychology” and the premise is quite simplistic. But it has made sense to the many that have read it and embraced its message. You might be able to guess what the book is about? we all have a language that we use when it comes to love. Continue reading Language of Love…


There are days that I am absolutely blank. These are the days that I just function and try to control my thoughts and emotions…these are the days filled with PMS! They don’t work out very well, unless you count a cleaning frenzy useful. I find myself snapping at my kids, planning my husbands demise and generally being angry at the world. Why are we created like this? Is there any good that can come from this female condition??


These last posts may have seemed a bit heavy. As I confess all my deep dark secrets the readership stops altogether! Hahaa!! I understand. I don’t know if I would want to read it either. The only reason I started this blog is because I had a few friends that encouraged it. It is good to create dialogue and maybe even get someone thinking about their own circumstances. In these 45 years I have had many a shallow conversation with people that I know have a lot more to say…why don’t we say it? Why do we become uncomfortable when the conversation touches on feelings and thoughts? Is it more important to discuss the latest celebrity gossip or what’s in fashion? There are times for these conversations as well…don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy them…but, when there is nothing else…?? Continue reading Conversation