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Woman of Today (part 2)

Over the last 50+ years we have been indoctrinated by pornography.  Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler…etc…if you’re old enough you might remember those “hidden” magazines that one had to make a real effort to buy and look through; well they just look tame compared to what we have accessible now.  If anything, our normal evening line up on mainstream television and Netflix is more pornographic than anything out there 50 years ago.  There are 420 million+ pages of porn online these days…easy to find and easy to look at in secret.

But do we even do this in secret anymore?  Not really.

It’s all about Freedom!  Empowerment!  Embracing your sexuality!  I’m sure that these words sound familiar to you?  These are the words used to justify the filth that we get to see on a daily basis.

Just open up a magazine, any one that is marketed out there, and you will see overtly sexual advertisements.  If they aren’t sexual then they are selling the idea that we all need to look ageless, and our value comes from looking young.  Billions of dollars spent each year making us buy something to feel better about ourselves.  Plastic surgery and Botox are becoming so normal that we don’t even blink when we see another stretched out expressionless face, or breasts that can’t possibly be natural.  “Hey, if you don’t like it, then fix it!!”  Right?

Does this only go back 50+ years?  No.  It goes back throughout time.  Even in the Bible women were treated like a commodity.  Women were used as property, for slavery, and treated like second class citizens.  They really didn’t have any value.  And there was no question that they would have the same rights as men.  The odd verse would tell of a woman accomplishing something, but for the most part they were ignored.  Unfortunately there are many places in the Bible where the oppression of women is used as a tool to keep us down.  After all, we are to be quiet, and to wear long hair, and to be in service to our husband who is the head of the household.

Sound familiar?  It does to me.

No wonder we try to get our power through our appearance…

to be continued…

Woman of Today (Part 1)

At the age of 10 I received a compliment from an older man, he must have been in his 30’s or so, and it changed me from the inside.  I realized quite quickly that I had “something” that men would notice, and it would give me power.  Looking back, I can see that what he did was inappropriate, and he should have kept his mouth shut in front of a 10 year old.  But the lesson learned was…

…that as a woman, I would be judged on my looks,
…that being “attractive”, according to this world’s standards, opens doors for some and not for others,
…that the suppression of women comes so subtly that we don’t even notice what’s happening, and it starts young.

I was listening to a TED talk ([ted id=2102]) to the other day and the speaker mentioned that google gets asked over 10,000 times a month, “Am I ugly?” and it’s mostly from young girls.

We learn from toddlerhood that we get attention if we are “cute” and life is a bit easier in school if society thinks we are somewhat attractive.

So, what kind of society do we live in?  How can we not see the damage that is being done every day in the lives of young girls and women every day?  It’s twisted, dark and has deep roots.

to be continued…




Closer To Home…

I have hit “that age”…finally!! These last 6 months have been a real roller-coaster for me. Being in school full time, leading women’s ministry, and now the the big m-pause! Wow, triple whammy! It helps me explain some of the aggressive behaviour I have been exhibiting in the last little bit. Hahaa!

In sociology class yesterday the prof was talking about aging, and what society says about it. We have that magic number (65), gray hair, wrinkles, and menopause. All indicators of aging…or the way our society looks at it, “getting old”!! The sad thing about it all is that we have, as a society, defined it as a time where we become irrelevant, not worth paying attention to, or not valued. Continue reading Closer To Home…

The Social Self

I left facebook. I am hoping that this self-inflicted ban lasts forever…but only the Lord knows. Many of you won’t understand why, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I was turning into a person who thought of their life as a facebook status update. It wasn’t that I spent hours trolling the walls of people, but I spent too much time thinking of my next status, and what kind of reaction would I get. If I put up a blog, I would be affected by reader stats, and comments. Not good. I was addicted, and I didn’t like myself anymore.

The ‘inner narcissist’ was a beast I had to feed all too often. Continue reading The Social Self

Making A Difference…?

I’m sitting here, at my desk, looking out the window…it’s dismal, grey, rainy…and I know it’s affecting me. Part of me just wants to curl up with a good book, cup of tea, and just escape the gloom, but the “practical part” of me knows I have a paper to write, a fundraiser to get ready for, a house that needs cleaning…etc…it never ends, does it? What to do? Continue reading Making A Difference…?

“Our____, who art in _____?”

Throughout history we have had generations that have been known for grit, tenacity, faith, morals, and truth. It’s becoming quite apparent that things aren’t the same anymore. We are raising a new generation by over protecting them, and instilling fear into everything we do and say. It might not be that easy to see, but I am guilty of it myself. Continue reading “Our____, who art in _____?”