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As mothers we have a constant demand on our time and our emotions. So many of us can’t let ourselves rest and relax. We run ourselves ragged. We live in the world of guilt…why can’t we be better mothers? Why do I act like a child myself? I find myself comparing my mothering skills to others…ones that are “obviously” doing a much better job. I doubt they ever say anything nasty when they’re tired. They must be constantly reading and playing games with their children. Continue reading Motherhood

Bride Price

Our local African pastor and I were having a chat the other day. He asked me what am I doing to prepare my children for marriage? I didn’t understand what he meant. He clarified it by asking me if we have started to save the money we need, to get brides for them. Here in Africa this is an important issue. He, himself paid 300 000 schillings for his bride. That is 3 months salary. A lot of money. Then the wedding costs are about equal to that. In some tribes the price is paid in livestock, ten cows being a good price. Obviously we aren’t preparing our children in the way he was asking…but it did get me to think about the question.

Continue reading Bride Price

How Different Are We?

The more you travel and meet people from different cultures, the smaller your world becomes. As you embrace the differences in food, language, history and culture you can’t help but notice all the similarities as well. We all want shelter, food, clothing, a healthy family, and a way to support our family. We all want to find love and be loved. We want to believe in something bigger than ourselves. We play and imagine as children, create drama as teenagers and try to succeed as adults. Continue reading How Different Are We?


In this day of fitness and exercise we are bombarded with images of beautiful and fit women. They are all over the covers and pages of magazines. We buy them by the stack. We read them while consuming our fancy coffees and muffins. And we feel guilty. At least I do. Why can’t I discipline myself to look like that? I know it takes discipline…the few times I’ve tried to get into some sort of shape, I have noticed it takes work. It doesn’t happen overnight. If anything, even after a few weeks I can’t see any difference. That’s usually when one quits. Why do I quit when it feels good (after the workout) and I know it’s good for me? Continue reading Fitness…

Porn for Women

I thought I would put up a title that would make you read further. Everyone loves a little scintillation…right? That’s what I’ve been told. It helps the marriage, makes it hotter…right? My question to you is, at what price? Isn’t that what porn if for? Spicing things up? “I don’t look at porn!” You say…that’s disgusting! Well…do you read romance novels? Novels that have some “action” in them? Does it get you all hot and bothered? Continue reading Porn for Women