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Start the Conversation…

Prayer. What does that look like? For many of us it is a ritualistic poem that we say before meals, or when we go to church. There is an emptiness to this ritual, but there doesn’t seem to be anything else to say. Other times, we call out to God, “Help me, I can’t do this anymore, and I’ll do anything if you just answer this cry for help”. Then we forget this prayer as soon as the situation abates. We might be left with a sense that the prayer was answered, but that’s as far as it goes. Continue reading Start the Conversation…


Have you ever had a conversation with someone, listened, and thought to yourself, “I don’t understand why they are telling me this, my life is much worse than that”…and then go on to tell them your problems. They might look a little surprised that you didn’t hear a word they said, and they nod politely as they listen to you one-up them in the horror story department. Continue reading One-Upmanship

Too Much Information

Another catalogue came in the mail yesterday. Pages and pages of christian books and Bibles to buy. So many options!! DVD series! Knick knacks to put on our shelves!! Bible covers! Shofars! An evangecube??? What? Books on dying churches, evangelism, becoming a better person/christian, the end times…etc…!! And at least 20+ pages of Bibles, in every colour and version. Good to have lots of options, right?

We live in this world of too much information. As christians we get sucked into this trap of thinking, “if only I could read one more book, attend one more conference, have one more encounter with the Holy Spirit, then…maybe…I will be ready to share the gospel.” We have the books and the programs, the tv and radio shows, the podcasts…you get the idea!

How can we share anything, when we don’t have all the information we need? Life is so hard!! We might say the wrong thing! Continue reading Too Much Information

“Where’s the fruit?”

“Where’s the beef?” I’m sure many of you remember that famous line from a Wendy’s commercial in the early 80s. It’s part of our societal jargon now.

But…”where’s the fruit?” is my new slogan.

The other week I was sitting in an empty church. It was 10 at night, and hubby was wrapping up prep for the next morning’s meeting. I was complaining, internally, about how many hours we have put into ministry over the last 25+ years. I was tired, hormonal, and feeling a bit neglected. Selfish, really! I lay down in one of the pews and started praying. I could feel questions starting to bubble up inside. Continue reading “Where’s the fruit?”

Pretty Prose? Not me!

After quite a bit of questioning and self reflection, I have realized that the way I communicate seems to be quite different from other women that blog. They have soft/flowery pictures and words of love and encouragement. The bible verses are uplifting, and help others get through another day. My blogs tend to be rants, especially lately, and can make people squirm. Heck, I squirm when I write them.

Why can’t I be like those other women?

Why don’t I respond to pretty prose? Continue reading Pretty Prose? Not me!

A New Beginning

Over the last few weeks I have been sharing my personal journey through therapy, mixed with tidbits from my past. It has been cathartic. Through it all I have heard from so many people, some who think that it was brave (and maybe a bit too much?) and from some who needed to hear someone else’s journey to get hope for their own. Either way, it was something I felt compelled to write. I had the blessing of my parents, and my immediate family…but I tried not to mention their part in this, and as much as I could, I kept them out of it.

And that is because this journey was between God and me. It was about finding Him again, or maybe even for the first time. He is the ultimate healer. He is the one who gave me hope and strength as I started to unravel. He was there all along, and I just needed to see that. Continue reading A New Beginning