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Closer To Home…

I have hit “that age”…finally!! These last 6 months have been a real roller-coaster for me. Being in school full time, leading women’s ministry, and now the the big m-pause! Wow, triple whammy! It helps me explain some of the aggressive behaviour I have been exhibiting in the last little bit. Hahaa!

In sociology class yesterday the prof was talking about aging, and what society says about it. We have that magic number (65), gray hair, wrinkles, and menopause. All indicators of aging…or the way our society looks at it, “getting old”!! The sad thing about it all is that we have, as a society, defined it as a time where we become irrelevant, not worth paying attention to, or not valued. Continue reading Closer To Home…

The Social Self

I left facebook. I am hoping that this self-inflicted ban lasts forever…but only the Lord knows. Many of you won’t understand why, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I was turning into a person who thought of their life as a facebook status update. It wasn’t that I spent hours trolling the walls of people, but I spent too much time thinking of my next status, and what kind of reaction would I get. If I put up a blog, I would be affected by reader stats, and comments. Not good. I was addicted, and I didn’t like myself anymore.

The ‘inner narcissist’ was a beast I had to feed all too often. Continue reading The Social Self