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Spring Dot Tote

This tote has the gorgeous green that reminds me of spring! It is another Marimekko print that I have hoarded and loved! Time to put it to good use! It has been sewn here in Africa, by Celina. Inside we have put a bright green lining, found here as well, with 2 large pockets and a key fob. Magnetic enclosure. This bag is a smaller tote, 16″x14″x3″cut size. It can be used as a summer purse, or a shopping bag. The straps are a comfortable 11″ drop, so it’s easy to sling over the shoulder.

spring dot 2


“Spring is Here” Tote

This tote truly emulates the color of spring! Different shades of red and pink just make me happy. The tote has been made from a vintage Marimekko curtain…donated by a lovely aunt! Lining is made with a brown and white calico print, and inside you will find 2 large pockets and a key fob. This tote is big enough to take to the farmers market, gym, school…etc. 18″x16″x3″. Magnetic enclosure.

spring is here 1

spring is here 2


Finnish Vintage Tote

This gorgeous, all-cotton tote, is full of character. The tote has been made out of a vintage 60s tablecloth, from Finland. The colors are vibrant, and the mix of hot pink and mustard yellow work so well together. This bag was sewn by Celina, a lady here in TZ. Inside you will find a hot pink lining, from Africa, with 2 large pockets and a key fob. Magnetic enclosure. A great bag for the spring and summer season. Take it to the market, yard sales, camping trips…etc…the uses are endless. It measures 18 x 16 x 3 inches.

finnish vintage 1

finnish vintage 2


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Polka Dot Tote

This large tote is made with Marimekko fabric. Yes, I brought some with me! Couldn’t resist. This tote has the same cut dimensions as the other totes, 16″ x 18″ x 3″. The polka dot fabric is 100% cotton. Inside the lining is in a black cotton blend, with 2 large pockets and a key holder. Magnetic closure. Lots of room to take on an outing or an overnight. Made here in Africa.

Polka Dot tote 2


Electric Blue Mini-Tote

This tote is a bit smaller than the other ones, but has all the same features. 2 large pockets and a key fob inside. Magnetic enclosure. The cut size is 14″ x 16″ x 3″. The fabric is made here in Tanzania, and it is 100% cotton, like the others. This can be a purse or a tote, so it’s size is a bit more versatile. I love the electric blue color.

electric blue 2

electric blue 3

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