Body Language

Love, excitement,fear, disgust, disinterest…It’s amazing how much information one can glean from body language. We communicate non-verbally all the time. I have been told that I am the master at showing my thoughts with my face and body. And not in a positive way. I show boredom and disgust frequently; when I should control my face…it gives me away and hurts feelings. I have yet to master this bad habit. It takes constant awareness and self control. Something I am still learning.

What do you catch yourself doing? Or what do you see done that hurts your feelings? Do you see some one rolling their eyes when you are trying to explain something to them? How does it make you feel? Do you then quiet down, and eventually stop trying to communicate to this person? Does it build into resentment? Bitterness? How can we combat this? What can make us better at listening, with all of our attention? How can we stop hurting the people in our lives?

What can we do about improving our body language? For me it is going to take daily/hourly discipline. The next time my son starts to talk to me about his latest game, I will stop and listen. My face will express interest. I will not turn away, roll my eyes, or interrupt. Let’s see how long I last….

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