Beauty Secrets

Have you ever noticed that when you feel beautiful, your entire personality changes, and you see other people respond? It is a cycle. A nice one. Then, on a different day…one isn’t feeling so beautiful and it’s easy to see that other’s don’t respond either. Beauty and confidence, quite often, go hand in hand. People respond to a confident and positive person in a good way. A sour face and negative personality also elicit a response from people…and it’s not one that one should strive for.

No matter how many potions and lotions we buy and use…we can’t cover a miserable expression. Smooth skin + frown = nothing good. Confession: I do try the potions and lotions, and if I had more money…I would buy more. lol. Can’t help myself. Looking for that magic elixir will forever be part of my quest…but I know that it can’t change my heart, and it won’t translate to a “beautiful” person. That has to come from within.

It’s harder work to make the inside beautiful. That’s why we prefer the magic creams and formulas. Something like this should be instant. Right? At least I wish it was. Working at developing a friendly expression takes a lot out of me. I have been told that I wear my sour expressions quite well, and there usually isn’t a question of what I am thinking. I try to tell my “observers” that I am just thinking…not being cranky, and they say that my expressions say a different story.

The only guaranteed way to erase those frowns is to get close to Jesus. He is there to fill us with joy and peace. And that transformation inside translates to an outside change as well. A joyful and peaceful face is the most beautiful. No amount of face cream will do that for us.