“Be Still, and Know”

About a month ago I asked Jesus what this verse meant, and how it applies to my life.

“Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10a

Today I felt that I needed to share what He told me…I hope that this also can help someone else…

“Dear Child – first of all, I want you to BE STILL! You have spent 40+ years striving for love and acceptance. You don’t know how to BE STILL. For you, even when you’re still, you are keeping your mind in continuous motion – not listening or reflecting or absorbing my presence. I am here IN THE STILLNESS…not in those thoughts that are keeping you pre-occupied.

Next, you need to understand what it means when I tell you to KNOW that I am God. What does this knowing mean? To know me is to spend time with me. Talking, listening, and being still is the way to do it. I am your loving Father. I want what is BEST for YOU. NOT WHAT YOU THINK is best for you. Do not conform to the standards of this world, and this society. Be still and KNOW that I have a plan for you, and you alone. A specific plan for you…using the gifts, talents and passions that I created in you. Those same passions that bring you JOY! Don’t look to others to guide you.

Listen to me.

I know you, and I created you, and I have a plan for you.

And last, but most important, is that I AM GOD…I am not a fallible, wishy-washy human who flits with the wind. I am the ROCK, the FOUNDATION, and the CREATOR of all.

I AM all you need.

I AM all you need to follow and to listen to. My VOICE is all that matters.

Listen to me, your CREATOR, and the only visionary you need to have in your life.

That’s it. BE STILL…KNOW…I AM! GOD!!

You were told recently to color outside the lines. It meant that you need to stand out, to be different, not to conform to the standards that society puts on you. Each one has a different plan, a different call on their lives.

Just spend time with me – and be content to do just that!”

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

P.S. It is my prayer and hope that this is something you also needed to hear….