A Better Place (Part 1)

Do you ever have a visitor, that when they leave, you wish that they had stayed a little longer, and you still had a smile on your face when they waved goodbye? They left your home and heart a better place? You were encouraged and grateful that they had come by, and that they were able to spend some time in your home?

Is that how you leave a place? Are there smiles on the faces of the hosts, and not just because you are finally leaving…but genuine smiles of joy, and wishes for your return?

What type of wake do we leave behind when we spend time out visiting, working or shopping? Do we leave people feeling cranky and discontented with their lives? Did they receive a smile and a thank you from us? Or did they hear complaints and see our frowns?

I have been out in public with people that are a pleasure to be out with, and also ones that I am embarrassed to be seen with. Every conversation is riddled with complaints and bitterness. The hosts of a home, or a shop, have been reprimanded or treated like garbage. Or then they have been subjected to gossip and conversations full of complaints. Seeing the looks on the faces of the recipients has been quite eye-opening.

Do we actually see the reactions of others, or do we just blindly plow on? Leaving a wake of turmoil and misery?

Is that what happens when I leave a place? Did I leave it better or worse? Do I even notice?

We have become a society that ignores people, and just stares at electronic devices. We think we are being “social” by constantly posting updates and tweeting our locations and thoughts. Meanwhile people around us are waiting for smile, a conversation. Have you ever sat with someone, having a meaningful conversation, and they hear a beep…and start texting or talking to someone else? Or else, during a conversation, you know the person you are talking to isn’t really listening. They keep checking their phones and being half engaged in what you are saying.

How does it make you feel?

I know that I feel like I’ve been disregarded. Not important. Not valued.

Are we making others feel better about themselves? Are we leaving places better than they were when we arrived?

I was listening to a podcast the other day, and heard the words…”people that are truly happy, are the ones that are invested in the happiness of others.” Are we invested in the happiness of others?

Is it even possible in the world we live in these days?

to be cont’d….